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Sake and Oysters? This is the birth of a Japanese sake specifically designed to pair with oysters. And it’s not just about flavor, the acidity in the sake interacts with the oysters to make them even healthier.


Imayo Tsukasa Sake Brewery Co. Ltd. (Yosuke Tanaka, CEO, Niigata City, Japan) is releasing “IMA for Pairing with Oysters” on November 28th, 2017. While staying true to traditional sake brewing methods and “Junmai” style, we have also made a sake that has the sweet and sour taste similar to white wine that oyster lovers know well. It’s not all about the flavor, though. The special acid produced in brewing makes the oysters good for your health, as it makes it easier for the body to incorporate the oysters’ natural nutrients. This is an original concept, 3 years in the making.


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Pairing Point #1 “Sweet and Sour X Savory”

Like white wine, IMA for Pairing with Oysters has a sweet and sour flavor that complements raw, boiled, smoked and fried oysters, as well as sushi, sashimi, and other seafood. However, unlike wine, sake has a gentle balance that isn’t overpowering and actually lets the seafood and the sake complement each other.


Pairing Point #2 “Low Iron, High Acid”

Wine is high in iron content. Iron magnifies the fishy, seafood aroma and aftertaste of the foods it’s consumed with. By having this sake instead (which is one-hundredth of the iron content of wine), you can enjoy a refreshing, cleansing drink, powered by this sake’s acid content.

Pairing Point #3 The Power of Malic Acid

Due to the function of a special sake yeast, this sake contains a lot of malic acid. Malic acid helps to incorporate rich oyster nutrients into the human body. Of course, this remains an additive-free Junmai style sake.


It Just Tastes Good with Oysters

When you enjoy this sake and premium oysters in the same bite, the synergistic effect is a refreshing wave of flavor, which extinguishes an overly-fishy aftertaste on its way down. Although we recommend consuming the oyster and the sake simultaneously, a similar effect is achieved by having one after the other. Definitely try it at least once.


What does the name “IMA” mean?

IMA is our new brand, using the initials of “Innovation”, “Mastery”, and “Art”. While protecting the historical sake-making practices we have honored for years, we look to be on the cutting edge of sake trends and new ideas. We also yearn to have the best people with the most relevant qualifications working with us. And finally, we won’t be outdone in bottle design and artistic concept. Through and through, Imayo Tsukasa lives up to the IMA concept.



  • “IMA for Pairing with Oysters” Product Description

Volume: 720ml

Japanese Retail Value: 1,620 Japanese Yen

Main Ingredients: Rice (Niigata Prefecture), Koji Rice (Niigata Prefecture)

Sake Rice: 100% Gohyakuman-Goku

Rice Polishing Ratio: 65%

Alcohol Percentage12%


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About Imayo Tsukasa Sake Brewery

Established in 1767, Imayo Tsukasa was part of a once-vibrant fermented-foods community in the Niigata neighborhood of Nuttari. From the Edo to Meiji periods of Japan, Nuttari flourished, lined with sake breweries, and other factories producing miso, soy sauce, etc. Now, Imayo Tsukasa stands as an introduction to sake for the world that passes through Niigata. We have tens of thousands of visitors a year coming through to tour our brewery.


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