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Sake tasting


No reservation is required for Sake tasting

Taste at your own pace. If you’re not much of a drinker, enjoy sweet, creamy, non-alcoholic amazake as well.


2 tasting plans

Free tasting : 1 seasonal sake and 2 non-alcoholic Amazake drink
Premium tasting : More than 10 varieties of premium Sake, 1 cup for each (1,000JPY)
※For brewery tour guests, we provide the tasting AFTER the tour for safety reasons. You cannot enter the brewery inside after drinking alcohol.

Sake Shop


120 year-old Building,
Renovated into a Sake Shop

Experience all the thrills of finding rare sake, some that are only available here.
Foreign tourists can enjoy tax-free shopping here.


Get real Sake with capsule toy machine

We have special capsule toy machine (Gacha-gacha). 5 colors coin in the capsule, everyone win real Sake or Amazake by the color of your coin. Try your luck at Sake-Gacha!

How to pay

Credit cards

VISA, JCB, AMERICAN EXPRESS, DISCOVER, Diners Club, Mastercard, UnionPay, China Union Pay card

prepaid IC card

All cards

Mobile payments

PayPay, LINE Pay, Alipay, Wechat Pay


1-1 Kagamigaoka Chuo-ku Niigata City JAPAN 950-0074
TEL +81-25-245-0325/ FAX +81-25-245-3233
OPEN:9:00AM , CLOSE:5:00PM(except New Years Holiday)

On Foot

A 15-minute walk to the brewery from Niigata Station Bandai Exit(万代口).You can visit the Tourist Information Center near the station exit for a map and instructions.


A 7-minute bus ride to the brewery from Niigata Station Bandai Exit(万代口). You can ride the bus from bus stop 12 at the Bandai Exit bus station. Enjoy a short ride through downtown Niigata. Get off at “Nuttari Hakusan(沼垂白山)”. From there, it is a short 3-minute walk to the brewery.


A 5-minute taxi ride to the brewery from Niigata Station Bandai Exit.