Pairing Sake with Cheese


Last year, International Expert Sommelier Shinya Tasaki tried 14 sakes with 18 different kinds of cheese

One of those was our flagship junmai sake, Natural Spring Water Junmaishu Imayo Tsukasa. In the wine, sake and food publication, Vinotec, Tasaki left his impressions.

“The appearance is crystal clear with a shine to it. The aroma has a subtle, pleasant hint of dairy, such as butter, cream or yogurt. The fat of the rice conjures up steamed dumplings when taking in the aroma. It carries soft tones of lilac, cashew nuts, and banana in gentle harmony. As for the taste, it is soft and mellow. The smoothness is impressive, and the balance is right. The fresh, mineral finish lasts to the very end.”

As sake pairs very well with cheese, we here at the brewery like to pair this sake with gouda and hard cheeses.
Tasaki goes on to say that He would recommend a chevre-type, such as a leaf-wrapped banon.

Junmaishu is a fun drink. Grab a bottle and enjoy experimenting with different flavors of cheese yourself.

■Natural Spring Water Junmaishu Imayo Tsukasa