<1-7 People>FAQs for Brewery Tour


There are Q1~Q11.



Q1:What time will the tour start?


The Japanese speaking tour will start exactly at the time as above.

The tour length will be about 30 minutes.

After the tour, please enjoy sampling our sake.



Q2. Do you have the English speaking tour?


Only at 2pm on weekdays except holidays,

we have the English speaking tour in addition to Japanese speaking tour at 2pm.

The reservation for the English tour is not required for 1~7 people.



Q3:We might be 5 minutes late for the tour.

A:Don’t worry. You can join the tour because the tour length will be about 30 minutes.

When you arrive, please let the staff know that you would like to join.





Q4:We have much time until the tour starts. Can I try tasting before the tour?

A:We are afraid that the tasting will be available after the tour for safety.

But if you do not join the tour, you will be able to try tasting.

If so, please let us know.



Or, there is a Miso factory, Minemura Jozo, near Imayo Tsukasa; just 3-minutes walk.

Including travel time from our brewery,

20 minutes would be enough for sampling miso or pickles and shopping.


峰村醸造直売店サイト」(Only Japanese website)









Q5:Where can I park?

Our free parking space is just on your right of the entrance.











Q6:Can you deliver overseas?

A:No. Only domestic.




Q7:Is tax-free shopping available?


If the total amount is over 10,000 yen(without tax), it is available.

The consumption tax and liquor tax will be excluded.


For example,

if you buy 2 bottles of KOI sake (720ml),

the tax-free discount will be as below;

・1,000 yen for consumption tax

・86yen x 2 bottles =172 yen for liquor tax

・Total:1,172 yen tax-free dicount


Please make sure ;

・You have a passport (we do not accept a copy or photo).

・You cannot open the items in Japan.

・5 minutes will be needed for procedure for each check.



Q8:I have little time, so can I look around the brewery freely?


The guide will lead you in the tour.

Instead, you are welcomed to look around the gallery at anytime 9am~5pm.

Please let us know when you would like to enter the gallery.










Q9:I am under 20 years old. Can I join the sake brewery tour?

A:In Japan, people under 20 years old is not allowed to drink by law.

From that perspective, if almost all people of the group are under 20,

we will not allow you to join the tour.

(Family are OK.)



Q10:I am physically handicapped. Do I have to change shoes?

A:We offer shoes cover for the person who are handicapped.

Please let us know when you arrive.



Q11:I am in a wheelchair. Can I join the tour?

A:Yes. There are 3 steps on the entrance, but we have a portable slope for wheel chair.

Although there is no step in our shop and the tour route, some floor during tour are rough.

Sometimes, there might be hose on the floor for our work.

Please let us disinfect the tires on the mat before the tour.

Thank you very much for your understand in advance.