9-10 March, Brewery Tour


I am Toshi, a store manager from Imayo Tsukasa.



During 9-10 March,
“Sake no Jin (Niigata Sake Festival)” will be held in Niigata. Our booth No. is 79 (somewhere in the corner).



“Official Website”



Because the venue is just 8 minutes by taxi from our brewery, lots of people come to Imayo Tsukasa for brewery tour every year.

During Sake no Jin, the brewery tour runs every 30 minutes. Please check out the information for brewery tour as below.


●Brewery Tour (9-10 March)
<1-7 People >
・Reservation is not required.
・Starts every 30 minutes from 9:00 to 16:00(e.g. 9:00, 9:30, 10:00, …16:00)
<8-40 People>
・Make a reservation in advance(We would not be able to confirm your reservation by e-mail in the day.)
<Tour Guide>
The guide will lead you mainly in Japanese (sometimes in simple English).

But we have an English leaflet and the English movie guide is available in the brewery on your smart phone by using our Wi-Fi.

Additionally, the guide will explain the process of making sake by showing pictures with English.



●Dear Our Guests
・During 9-10 March, the tour and our brewery shop will be very crowded. Thank you for your understanding in advance.
・The person who is very drunken is not allowed to enter our brewery for other guests.



●Brewery Shop Information



For more information, please check out our website below;



“Imayo Tsukasa English Website”



We hople you enjoy our sake, Niigata and Japan. 
Looking forward to seeing you in ImayoTsukasa!











*Picture: Yu, Yamamoto, Toshi (from left)