[Brewery Shop]How to enjoy our brewery shop


Hi. I am Toshi, a shop manager from Imayo Tsukasa.
Thank you very much for your interest in Imayo Tsukasa.
For those who are planning to visit us, I will explain about the brewery tour, tax-free, domestic delivery and Sake Gacha(lucky draw).
①Brewery Tour
The guide will lead you in the brewery in Japanese, but they will help you in simple English.
It will take about 30 minutes.
After the tour, you can try some sake; we have over 15 kinds of sake.
For more information, please visit the Sake Brewer Tour page.

②Tax-Free Shopping
If your total amount is over 10,800 yen(inc. tax), tax-free is available.
You can choose a bag or box for carrying.
It will take about 5 minutes for the tax-free procedure.










③Domestic Delivery
Domestic delivery is available.
If your total amout is over 10,800 yen(inc. tax), the delivery fee is for free!
That is, if the total amout is over 10,800 yen, not only tax-free is available but also the delivery fee is for free!


●Delivery Fee (inc. tax)
*If you buy the unpasteurized sake, 670 yen is added to the delivery fee for cool storage.
・Tokyo (東京): 1,080 yen
・Niigata (新潟): 1,048 yen
・Hokkaido (北海道): 1,480 yen
・Osaka (大阪), Kyoto (京都): 1,145 yen
For other areas, please ask the shop staff about the fee.



●Delivery Paper
When you would like to deliver, please fill out the form as below.



④Sake Gacha
For 400 yen, you can try Sake Gacha (kind of lucky draw).
There are 1-5 prizes and you can get the one based on the colour of the coin in the cupsule.
You might be able to get the sake that is over 1,000 yen! (No losing tickets)











Of course, you can pay by credit cards.
Besides, PayPay, AliPay and LINE Pay are available.



We are looking forward to seeing you at the brewery and hope you enjoy our sake!