Niigata Sake no Jin – One of Japan’s Greatest Sake Festivals


Imagine a place where most of Niigata’s almost 90 active sake brewers assemble, each bringing with them a selection of freshly bottled sakes. Imagine the number of sakes available for tasting was over 500, and the delicious local food was readily available, from meat to ramen to sweets. Imagine having the chance to interact and take pictures with the brewers who actually toil for the sake you’re drinking.  Now imagine the whole unforgettable experience only cost an entrance fee of 2,000 yen ($18.75 USD) and came with a commemorative sake cup.

Niigata Prefecture is famous for being the prefecture in Japan that produces the most Ginjo level premium sake in Japan and is also home to the greatest number of sake breweries in Japan. March is the month when most of the season’s fresh sake is first available. It all makes for the perfect conditions for die-hard sake fans, as well as beginners, to gather in the mecca of sake, Niigata Sake no Jin at Toki Messe Convention Center in Niigata City, Japan.










Imayo Tsukasa has been proud to be one of the most popular booths in the busy convention center for the last couple of years. There are a lot of reasons why, from stylish and eye-catching bottle designs to a wide and delicious range of flavors in our sake. However, the biggest reasons our booth became popular was because we have all of our brewers there. Most breweries only send a few people to represent the company, but all of our employees are present, making it a fun place to come and hang out with sake brewers. They’re like rock stars!









Another reason is our original, super-popular “Sake Gacha” sake slot machines. Put in your coins, twist the knob, and win sake prizes, all the way up to premium bottles of rare and exclusive sake.










We will be waiting for you this March 10th and 11th in Niigata City. For more information, check out the official website: